Published on: Sep 13 2013 by psdicons

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As a way to say thanks, you’ll gain instant access to the free “64 Mini Social Icons Set” that you see below. All these icons come in PSD format and are all vector shapes. PNG (24 x 24 pixels) and CSH files are also available so you can use them right away in your projects.

64 Mini Social Icons Set

Background image by Shermeee.

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  1. HienAnh says:

    Hi, those icons are cool. But, can you tell me how to use it? Like, how it works? Thanks

  2. Yousef says:

    The best collection I have seen and I have been searching for days. Looking for something to match with the branding of my restaurant. Thanks

  3. raunaq says:


  4. Peruano says:

    Very nice icon set 🙂

  5. B says:

    Great work,

    thank you so much. Keep going. Thanks for sharing this wonderful icons for free.

  6. Lwina says:

    Thanks, I Love it :3 !!

  7. Bruno says:

    Thanks for icons

  8. Bram says:

    Sweet, thanks!

  9. andoris says:


  10. sturm says:

    please, can you say me where I find the download-link for this wonderful icon-set?
    Best regards,

  11. wj says:

    cool icons , like it

  12. Tomas Vee says:


  13. Jade says:

    Hi guys, you need to subscribe (purple button) by entering your mail. You’ll get the download link in the confirmation mail ! 😉 Enjoy !

    Thank you for this very great set ! 😉

  14. katrina wilde says:

    Downloaded lovely thanks!

  15. faiezyacob says:

    Thanks for the icons.

  16. crazy says:

    cool icons , like it

  17. KTPLS says:

    Thanks for the icons.

  18. Jalfonso says:


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