Published on: Sep 04 2013 by psdicons

For every question, information or icon suggestion you can contact me using this email address:

I’ll respond in 1-2 days and also I’ll try to design the suggested icons.

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  1. Chad says:

    First off, thanks for making all these great icons available for free!

    My suggestion is a globe icon that could be used as a reference to the Internet. Perhaps one version that’s a simple globe and another with a few criss-cross lines wrapping around it to represent connectivity. I think the ocean parts of the globe could be dark/colored, and the land parts transparent. If time allows, multiple versions showing different sides of the globe would probably meet everyone’s needs.

  2. Yair says:

    Can you make a “closed” icon like the open one? It’s great design for online stores, for example.

    Also, if its not too much trouble, could you also make an oovoo one as well?

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Kevin says:


    Great icons! I’m looking for a wrench icon (to portray a “maintenance” tab) as well as a paper and pencil icon (to portray a “rental application” tab).

    Do you have anything like that? Thanks for all the help!


  4. Yuriy says:


    It’s a really great set, thank you!

    And many thanks for let us using this for FREE.

    I suggest a circle icon with a “Finish” flag inside.

    Thank you!

  5. Ej says:


    Thank you for these awesome free icon sets.
    There’s one thing i want to suggest.
    A “Save” icon, never saw that here yet since it is a part of “user interface” category. Thanks and more power!

  6. B says:


    could you please make an icon for shutdown please? Something like red background and white symbol for shutting down inside?

    Thanks a lot

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